About Us

Farm manager Adam McCarthys great-grandfather, Homer Rogers, settled in the upper Hood River Valley near Parkdale in 1910.  Rogers raised a few cows, horses and planted a small orchard.  On his mostly forested property he built and operated the Mt. Hood Lodge from 1912 to 1927.  Tourists from Portland and cities all over the United States stayed at the Mt. Hood Lodge while recreating on Mt. Hood. Rogers daughter Kate McCarthy with husband Gerald purchased an adjacent dairy farm in 1964 known as the Sutton Ranch.  Kate and Gerald moved to this farm in 1968 where with sporadic help from their sons raised cattle, hay and horses. 

Son Mike with wife Susan, returned to Hood River in 1980 to farm full time and to expand the farm by purchasing pear and apple orchards. Many of the orchards have been replanted and modernized, meaning a more compact orchard with a greater number of smaller trees. The farm now raises Jonagold apples, honey crisp apples, 9 pear varieties, 8 cherry varieties, hay, cattle, Christmas trees, and several flower varieties.

In spring of 2013 the farm welcomed back another generation with Mike and Susan's oldest son Adam, along with wife Staci and daughter Ellison, back to the Hood River Valley.

The original Rogers property is maintained in forest with protection of the natural values as the primary focus. The property is managed to protect wildlife habitat, streams, forests, and scenic qualities.  

Many family members have taken an active role in the community. A major interest has been to preserve farm and forest land in Hood River County and protect special areas around Mt. Hood like the Tilly Jane/Cloud Cap forest land and Springer Meadows. Mike and Kate with other concerned local citizens founded the Hood River Valley Residents Committee, a land use and environmental group whose focus has been to promote good land use planning and strong natural resource protection.

Our mission for our farms is to provide quality products to our customers, provide a good work environment for our employees and to be a leader in bringing sustainable practices to our farms and to the local farming community.